If you, or someone you know is experiencing an eating disorder or disordered eating, body image concerns and/or unhelpful relationships with food, EDSS is here to support you.

The EDSS Service provides a range of support services for people in South Australia, experiencing these challenges.

The EDSS Team employes highly skilled mental health workers which include Peer Workers, Mental Health Support Workers and other professionals.

The EDSS Service provides non-clinical support, we are not able provide assessments, diagnoses, therapies or treat mental health challenges.

The EDSS Service provides phone support, face to face support, support groups, information, education, workshops and presentations.

The EDSS Team can work with you to support you in the following areas:

  • Reducing isolation
  • Building pathways to access the community
  • Provide hope
  • Facilitate with referral pathways
  • Facilitate access to services and resources
  • Capacity building and skill building
  • Sharing knowledge & experiences
  • Empower to overcome barriers and challenges
  • Support in self-advocacy

What we do

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    To register for one of EDSS's services, please complete an online referral form or download the EDSS referral form.

    For more information you can also contact us on 8303 6660 or use the contact form below.

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