Christmas traditionally brings family and friends together over food, but the focus on socialising and what to eat can cause mixed feelings about our bodies.

How we experience our bodies is deeply personal and one of the most important relationships of our life.

Being kind to our bodies and to other bodies is important for our relationships, overall wellbeing and recovery.

The PACE team is today sharing body kind messages in support of the Butterfly Foundation’s ‘Summer of Kindness’ campaign.

The campaign highlights what we can do to support body kind practices during the warmer months.

  • Remember that every body is a summer body
  • Give yourself or your loved one a break – social activities can be challenging for someone with lived experience of a body image issue or eating disorder
  • Set boundaries – avoid talk about appearance, body size, shape or weight – even positive comments can be problematic for people at risk
  • Spring clean your socials – mute and unfollow people that don’t make you feel good about yourself or your body, or that don’t celebrate body diversity
  • Ditch New Year’s resolutions around changing your body, weight, or your appearance

Centacare PACE Peer Workers support people who may be experiencing an eating disorder/ disordered eating, body image concerns and/or unhelpful relationships with food.

The team can work with you to reduce isolation, nurture hope, build pathways to access the community, facilitate referrals and access to services, provide evidence-based resources, share knowledge and experience, work with clinical services and empower you to overcome barriers and challenges.

The PACE Service offers 1:1 and group support.

For more information, contact PACE on 8303 6660, complete an online referral form or download the PACE referral form. You can also use the contact form HERE.

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