Your rights Your responsibilities Our commitment
Access to services Tell us of your needs and when your needs change. Provide access to services that meet your needs where possible. This includes access to interpreter and translator
Quality Services Tell us when you cannot keep appointments. Provide you with high quality services.
Treated with respect Treat us and others with courtesy, dignity and respect. Treat you with courtesy, dignity and respect.
Feel safe within our services Act in a way that helps both you and others to be safe. Provide an open and honest service, listen to any safety concerns and do what we can to help.
Privacy and Confidentiality Consider giving us permission to share your information to help us provide the best service for you. Respect your privacy and keep your personal information safe.
Information & Collaboration Actively participate by sharing information that will help us to meet your needs. Provide information and work in partnership to meet your needs.
Provide feedback or make a complaint Be fair when making complaints and help us to resolve issues. Value and respond to your feedback in a fair and timely way.
Exemptions may apply for Family Dispute Resolution Services clients
Tell us if you want someone to be your advocate. Where possible support you to access an advocate or to advocate on your behalf.

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