Today we recognise World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Catholic Safety, Health & Welfare SA (CSHWSA) is encouraging workplaces to take the lead in creating a happy and healthy environment, and a resilient workforce.

“Work is not always an easy path so we need to be able to build resilience in our workers and support them to manage the difficulties they may face at any time,’’ says Kathy Grieve, CSHWSA Executive Manager.

CSHWSA is responsible for the implementation of the Safety Management System for the Catholic Church in South Australia. The Church has more than 10,500 workers and more than 30,000 volunteers in community, education, health and welfare.

“A lot of people believe that work, health and safety is nothing to do with them but actually it is everybody’s responsibility,’’ Kathy says.

“Be accountable for your own health and safety at work and don’t affect the health and safety of others.’’

Through ACCESS Programs, Centacare delivers workplace mental health services to support staff well-being and improve workplace productivity.

ACCESS Manager Konrad Gawlik says organisations can build resilience by:

1. Strong, supportive and inclusive leadership

2.  Ensuring shared goals and a sense of purpose through a ‘one team’ approach

3.  Fostering individual and organisational strengths by empowering workers through constructive feedback, coaching and participation in change

4.  Ensuring staff have an opportunity to debrief situations and their emotions in a safe environment

5.  Providing development opportunities for employees to build individual resilience

By raising awareness and taking the lead in work health and safety, we can help prevent further injuries and death, and build a resilient workforce.