The Centacare Foster Care program provides out-of-home care placements for vulnerable children with complex needs aged 0-17 years of age who are unable to be placed in relative or kinship care or general foster care.

The program supports the planned process of returning children from out-of-home care placements to the care of their birth families.

Where it is assessed that reunification is not in the child or young person’s best interests, the Centacare Foster Care program can transition its carers to becoming a long-term carer or support the smooth transition to a long-term family-based care placement.

Services provided

Recruitment, assessment, training and support of short-term and respite foster carers, focusing on reunification of children with their birth families.

We can also recruit for long-term placements on a case by case basis. Supporting children 0 -17 years in out of home care.

Program details

Who: Children aged 0 – 17 years placed under the Custody or Guardianship of the Minister for Education and Child Development.

Where: Our Foster Care program currently assists families and children in the metropolitan region.

Contact: The team at 413 Grange Rd, Seaton. Phone (08) 8159 1400 or email

Website: Specialist Family Preservation Foster Care

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