A giant beachfront mural sets the scene in Centacare’s new sensory room at Seaton.

Under a blue sky, footprints in the sand lead to the water, instilling a sense of peace and calm in the space unveiled today by the Children’s Services Unit.

A vacant office has been transformed into a sanctuary for families, where parents and children can interact in a welcoming and informal setting.

A year in the making, the project was made possible by a CCI Giving grant, and aims to remove some of the barriers families face in accessing vital therapeutic supports.

“We hoped we could create a welcoming and inviting space for our families, where they could work with therapists in an informal and relaxing way,’’ said Laura Hooper, Acting Senior Placement Practitioner with Centacare Foster Care.

“It’s a setting where they can feel safe and secure, but also one they can relate to. For most of us, the beach provides a sense of freedom and peace, and that’s really what we are trying to convey for families here.’’

The room includes sensory and cultural toys, a canopy tent, calming music and a small kitchen space.

Laura hopes the room will also nurture staff wellbeing.

“This is a space for them to take some time out and have a breather, acknowledging the work that we do can be really tough,’’ she said.

Five children’s services are based at the site including the recently-announced Breathing Space program, Centacare Foster Care, Reunification, Targeted Intervention Service, and Family Preservation.