The negative impact of today’s teen selfie culture will be explored in a new program aimed at secondary school girls.

The Be BOLD – Break the Mould program is being launched in the northern suburbs tomorrow, with a focus on promoting positive body image and building self-esteem and resilience.

Presented by Centacare’s PACE team, the program will address the unrealistic standards of beauty portrayed in social media, and the pressure this places on young people.

“Research has shown a positive correlation between social media use and mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts,’’ PACE team leader Shane Strikwerda said.

“It is normal for teenagers to seek validation about their appearance, and social media feeds this need by providing instant feedback from many sources.

“Unfortunately many of the comments posted on social media are negative, and this can contribute to poor self-esteem, anxiety and eating disorders.

“Many schools are concerned about the impact of poor body image on their students, and this program will give them the opportunity to address the issue in a fun, interactive way.’’

Delivered over three 90-minute workshops, the Be BOLD – Break the Mould program will teach students how to:

·       recognise the unrealistic standards of beauty portrayed in the media

·       avoid unhelpful comparisons with others

·       accept themselves and embrace their uniqueness

·       develop a positive body image

·       gain confidence and self-belief

The program is free and available to schools across metropolitan Adelaide.

Centacare’s PACE team supports young people and adults who are struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive behaviour.

If you would like the free workshops offered at your school, please phone 1800 809 304 or email