What is Legally Inclusive Practice?

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Legally Inclusive Practice (LIP) is a voluntary process by which parties in dispute endeavour to negotiate a solution with the assistance of a legal practitioner and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).

The Process

Client initiates FDR at Centacare. The first appointment for intake is undertaken and a request for LIP is made.

An invitation for the other party to join the process is issued.

The second party undertakes intake where any questions are addressed and confirmation about LIP is discussed.

Clients are advised to research and explore lawyers and legal advice or choose a legal representative from the list of legal partnerships who have contacted Centacare.

Legal representatives will contact Centacare and confirm process and attend to administration issues.

Both parties attend the first FDR session where full and frank disclosure of the asst and liability pool is undertaken.

Once confirmed, both parties attend their individual appointments with their legal representatives to verify the asset and liability pool and discuss proposals and any other relevant legal information.

An appointment is made for both parties and their legal representatives to attend FDR at Centacare where the proposals are made to each party via the FDRP, with both parties in separate rooms to consult with their legal representatives between FDRP attendance.

Any agreements are recorded at this stage and a mutual agreement to draw up a document is made at the conclusion.

The benefits

FDR is a non-adversarial, confidential environment where the FDRP facilitates conversations between parties, keeping the focus on the issue in dispute in a respectful and mutually agreeable climate.

Legal representatives can advise their clients in real time of proposals, decisions, and legal implications to assist with the outcomes.

Parties are in separate rooms with their legal representatives and are able to converse freely between discussions via the FDRP.

Fees are according to the Centacare fee schedule and are minor in comparison to court and legal expenses.

Contact us

For more information about Family Dispute Resolution Legally Inclusive Practice, email fdr@centacare.org.au or phone your nearest Centacare LIP site.

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