Let’s be honest, we all have the ability to be unkind. We can be disrespectful, selfish and put ourselves before others. We can use mean words… sometimes!

When we persist with these behaviours with the intention to disempower another, we choose to be a bully.

Today we’re asking you to be honest with yourself: How do you act and treat others – at home, in the workplace, at school?

How is your power station fired?

Are you coal-fired by unkind thoughts, or do you use clean energy to support and nurture others?

Make good intentions your power source. Choose not to bully!

Elaine Reynolds: You can’t take words back

Suicide Intervention trainer Elaine Reynolds sees the impact of bullying on young people – and it’s not pretty.

Bullying can trigger social isolation, depression, anxiety and suicidal behaviours.

Through Centacare’s youth suicide intervention program, ASCEND, Elaine supports young people aged up to 25 years who are at risk of self-harm, and provides specialised training to build the capacity of people around them to appropriately respond and recognise warning signs.

On the seventh National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, Elaine has this message for young people and their families. #NDA2017 #BullyingNoWay #TakeaStandTogether #Centacare