Rapid Relief Team is helping to heal hunger pangs in at-risk young people and families fleeing domestic violence.

The charity this week delivered to Centacare 10 boxes packed with pantry staples and other goodies as part of its global push to bring hope and relief to people facing complex challenges.

The boxes will be shared by clients housed in emergency motel accommodation and engaged with Centacare’s specialist domestic violence and homelessness services.

Executive Manager Megan Welsh (pictured) said the supplies would do more than simply satisfy appetites. 

“A lot of parents view homelessness as a parenting failure. Knowing they can provide for their children’s basic needs can be a big confidence boost,’’ she said.

“If they have fled an unsafe home, they’re likely to have left suddenly with few possessions and no food or money. That’s pretty scary as a parent.

“The boxes give them a sense of safety knowing they can feed their kids at a time of turmoil in their lives.’’

For young people experiencing homelessness on the back of childhood trauma such as abuse and neglect, cooking not only provides nutritional benefits but emotional nourishment as well, Megan said.

“Finding food can be a constant battle if they are couch surfing or living rough so they might go for days without a nutritious meal.

“Aside from the health side effects, the basic pleasure of enjoying the food they eat is missing too.’’

Founded in Australia in 2013, Rapid Relief Team operates in 10 countries, with a focus on homelessness, young people, disability support and natural disaster responses.

The Team will deliver 10 food boxes to Centacare each month as part of its mission to support community service providers.