Centacare is committed to walking in partnership with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in the spirit of Reconciliation and mutual respect.

We receive valuable insight from John Lochowiak, Manager of Aboriginal Services, and the Aboriginal Leadership Committee.

Through the committee and informed by our RAP, we work in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to deliver culturally inclusive strategies, events and policies for clients and staff.

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Cultural support

We have enormous respect for the contributions Aboriginal people make to our community.

The Centacare Aboriginal Worker Support Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure content is culturally relevant and effective in guiding our approach to the recruitment of staff and supporting their wellbeing.

Cultural protocols provide guidance for workers in developing respectful relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait colleagues and clients.

All staff members undergo compulsory Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training.

Reconciliation statements are displayed in all our sites. Smoking ceremonies and Aboriginal performing artists are included in official openings and celebrations on Traditional Lands.