NEW resources outlining the rights of children and young people have been launched by Centacare.

The illustrated booklet and supporting short animation reinforce the importance of children having their voice heard and their rights valued.

Aimed at children aged up to 10 years, the resources follow the adventures of three characters – Patch, Pippy and Piper – as they explore their rights, such as their right to feel happy and safe, to understand their culture, and to ask for help when needed.

“Children and young people we see may not have had an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills or confidence to voice their wishes or advocate for themselves,’’ said Leanne Haddad, Executive Manager of Children’s Services.

“We hope these resources will support them to learn that they do have rights, and that we will work with them in their best interests to value these rights.’’

The resources will be shared with families engaged with programs across Centacare services, especially the Children’s Services Unit.

“We hope they will also highlight to children and young people the significant role our multidisciplinary teams play in working with them and for them to see their rights are respected,’’ said Laura Hooper, Senior Family Preservation Worker.

“If children are aware of and understand their rights, they will feel more confident to speak up when they recognise something is wrong and their rights are not being met. Then we can work together towards positive change.’’

The fun and interactive materials will be distributed to children and young people and displayed prominently at Centacare sites. We offer a number of programs for families, children and young people, from parenting groups, to home visiting programs, family support services, targeted intervention, specialist dad supportfamily preservation, reunification programs and specialist foster care services.

Multidisciplinary teams work with the families to identify risks and target support to mitigate challenges impacting their capacity to parent.

Centacare champions the voice of the child and seeks to implement the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care to the fullest potential.