Centacare’s Police Drug Diversion offers support and education to people diverted to an appointment by SA Police.

Every person attending an appointment is treated with respect and as an individual with the Assessment and support offered tailored to their needs.

Ongoing support and treatment of up to eight sessions where appropriate can be offered to people diverted to the program.

Program details

Who: Under the Controlled Substances Act 1984, a SAPOL officer must divert (with no discretion) an individual for the possession or consumption of a controlled substance (including possession of drug use equipment).

The Statutes Amendment (Drug Offences) Act 2018, caps the number of drug diversions accessed by an adult who has committed a simple possession offence to two drug diversions within a four year period.

For a child (aged 10-17 years) this includes all illicit substances, while cannabis is excluded for adults (a cannabis expiation notice applies instead).

For Youth diversions all children (aged between 10 and 17 years) detected committing offences against the Controlled Substances Act 1984 will be diverted into the Juvenile Justice system.

The Juvenile Justice response may subsequently include referral to a health assessment through a commissioned Police Drug Diversion Initiative provider.

How: Only police divert people detected for simple possession drug offences to PDDI appointments.

Where: Centacare offers this service across eight metropolitan and three regional sites.

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