Sometimes the best support for young people comes to them at school – a safe place and at a time when they may need it most.

The National School Chaplaincy Program aims to support schools in promoting the wellbeing of students by providing a service that contributes to the maintenance or establishment of Pastoral Care Worker services in schools.

The program is designed to form part of the already existing wellbeing services provided within the school community. The program is designed to provide a tailored option based on the requirements of the local school community and their decisions regarding the type of service to be delivered.

We respect confidentiality and privacy and the importance of the school community in the life of its students.

Program details

Who: Young people at school.

Where: State schools with funding through the National Schools Chaplaincy Program.

How: Contact Lynne Thorpe at our Murray Bridge office

Contact: Our Murray Bridge office on 08 8215 6320.


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