More than ever, families in our community are under pressure.  Reconnecting after time apart can be difficult.

Our Reunification Service helps families strengthen their relationships and improve the well being of children, young people and parents and to assist families to adjust to the changes required for the return of the child to the home.  A co-ordinated response is required for issues of children in the Out of Home Care system, and we work together with families to ensure the safe and timely return home for children.

Services provided in this program include home visits, counseling, supported contact between parents and children, parenting and skill development, communication building and conflict resolution.  Our team also refers families to other communication programs if they are needed.

Program details

Who: We are child-focussed and work with families to protect the best interests of the child. We also work with other significant family members and stakeholders.

Where: While the service is based at Seaton, assistance is available for families across the Adelaide metropolitan area.

How: Families must be referred by their Families SA Case Manager. Parents need to consent to working with the Family Preservation and Reunification Service and to becoming actively involved in the reunification process.

Contact: The team are based at 413 Grange Road Seaton and can be reached on 8159 1400 or


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