Meet Caitlyn Woodcock.

Caitlyn is on a mission to make navigating the NDIS as easy and stress-free as possible, leaving you free to work towards achieving your goals.

A support coordinator at Centacare, it’s Caitlyn’s role to take care of all the daunting and time-consuming aspects of bringing an NDIS plan to life.

No matter how complex your needs, Caitlyn is here to help – from start to finish.

We know that even just interpreting your plan and understanding how much you have to spend, and in which areas, can be overwhelming. Let alone knowing where to go to find the supports you need.

“It can be really, really difficult for families and participants to even know where to start,’’ says Caitlyn. “That’s where we step in.’’

There is no wait time for support coordination services, so Centacare can assist you as soon as possible. We cover participants living in metropolitan Adelaide, as far north as Elizabeth, and up to Murray Bridge.

Support coordinators are allied health professionals and people with extensive coordination experience.

Caitlyn can help you source the supports you need from a range of service providers, and will work in partnership with you to ensure you stay connected.

This includes obtaining quotes for services, coordinating providers, liaising with the NDIA on your behalf, monitoring your NDIS plan and even resolving tricky points of crisis that may pop up.

Essentially, you decide what you need and Caitlyn finds it for you.

“It’s up to the client to decide who they choose and when they want to access that service, but they can’t do that without first having options.

“We give participants multiple options and act in a non-biased, impartial manner, to support them to find the fit that’s right for them within their NDIS plan.’’

Centacare is registered to provide support coordination, support connection and specialist support coordination.

Phone Caitlyn today on 8215 6863 to see what falls under each of these categories, and how we can work together on your NDIS journey.